About Me

I have a passion for art, technology, and solving problems of all kinds in creative ways. This first manifested with many years as a professional musician, including getting my BA in jazz guitar. Eventually I found an outlet for my passion for technology through design, and worked towards a MS in Human Computer Interaction and Design.

In my free time, I enjoy going to rock, jazz, and funk concerts, with my current favorite band being Snarky Puppy. I love being social and talking to people, but prefer discussing difficult philosophical questions. I often host parties and make food for everyone. I haven't traveled enough in my life, and hope to do more soon.


I enjoy making videos that make people laugh, cry, or feel excited.
CHI Travel Video
I filmed, edited, and wrote original music for a travel video my team's trip to the CHI conference to present our award winning design.
Culture Video
I concepted the idea, filmed, edited, and wrote original music for a video that showed the culture of the summer internship program.
It's The End of Breaking Bad
I concepted the idea, performed the music, and wrote original lyrics for a parody of "End of The World" that summarizes Breaking Bad.


I love cooking for myself and others. I eat breakfast tacos multiple times a week. My pulled pork taco recipe (and fried rice with the same seasoning for vegetarians) is a favorite among friends of mine. I will put anything in a taco, like the curry tacos below. Lime belongs on everything, even salad. I like to try and learn new recipes frequently, like Pad Thai or homemade pizza.

Proud Nerd

I have no shame talking about and doing nerdy things. I believe organizing rooms is important, so used paper prototyping to design my room. I love games of all kinds, probably because I love solving problems. I'm always down to discuss Game of Thrones with a map.

Outdoor Recreation

I enjoy spending time outdoor, from hiking and swimming to frisbee and skiing.