Hero Banner Redesign

Comcast Xfinity Mobile - 1 week
UX Design - Redesign of the hero banner to show multiple statuses and occupy less real estate
Selected as the winner out of 8 student team submissions.
The current hero banner was taking up too much space and only showing one notification at a time. Our task was to propose and rationalize a redesign that addresses those insights.
Team and Role
I worked with 3 other designers to deliver a stand alone pitch deck that included our research, insights, and mockups. I facilitated the team by leading the research analysis, white boarding sessions, and creating the slides.
Presentation can matter almost as much as the design itself.

You don't always need a lot of research, especially for short projects where some insights are already given to you.

The Pitch Deck

Please view the design details in the PDF, as in a way it is part of the design. I played the main role in the construction of the pitch deck, and it was noted for being particularly clear and convincing during feedback from Comcast.